What People Have Said

So far, since my son has been in the club his grades have increased, his posture and attitude is a whole lot better than before. He wants to be apart of any project, especially if other people in need benefit from the project. His idea’s and dream are important to him now more than eve. He’s very eager to try and learn new things, no matter how difficult the task might be. I’m so proud of Mr. Bell and his teaching the younger males in our community, how to be a gentleman.
—Elizabeth L. Cheers-Holmes, Parent

We think that boys need more toys, clothes, and expensive things. The truth is that boys need order, stability, and security. They need positive male roles during various stages of their childhood to guide them through their journey for proper development now and for their adult life.
One of the best positive role models has been on our campus this year. Mr. Bell has been a good role model because he does not just tell the boys, he shows by example especially in the way he dresses and the way he conducts himself.
I have seen many good changes in our boys. These changes have made a more positive classroom environment for me this year.
—Mrs. Joyce Stepp, Teacher

Our own perceptions of images depict many things; one of the most powerful images is that of a man reaching down, holding the hand of his young child. The image portrays love and trust; the image displays comfort and support; but more than anything else, that particular image shows both responsibility and vulnerability; the responsibility of a role model, and the vulnerability of a young boy who depends on the guidance of a father or a mother. Mr. Bell does an exceptional job of creating this environment within our school for our young males.
—Mrs. Lois Davis, Teacher

Mr. Bell is a joy to work with; he is a take charge individual who is able to present creative ideas and communicates very effectively with others. He has successfully implemented and organized a program called “Quote.” During Mr. Bell’s strategic planning stages, I have noticed a tremendous improvement in our children’s behavior and attitude. This change is a direct reflection of Mr. Bell’s “Quote” program.
—Mrs. Carloss Guess, Principal