Anti Bullying

Audience: Administrators, Teachers
Duration: 1hr or 2hrs

This workshop focuses on arming administrators and teachers with the knowledge needed to change the mindset of bullies and provide a safe atmosphere for all students. It will educate stakeholders on:

  • The reasons why students bully and how to monitor bullying “hot spots” in and around the building.
  • How to identify different ways and types of bullying such as verbal, physical and relational bullying (which includes ignoring, isolating, excluding and shunning).
  • Character building techniques to aid in student competence, by developing rules which allow students to set their own climate of respect and responsibility.
  • Ways to educate students with techniques to control and manage bullying situations.
  • Establishing reporting procedures for schools in accordance with state law.

There is a good chance that there are students in your school who do not feel safe and may not know how to report instances of bullying to school personnel. Students are less likely to be motivated and engaged at school when they do not feel safe and are intimidated. Bullying is becoming a huge problem in our society and the goal of Bell’s Education is to provide a safe and conducive learning environment for all students.